2009, New York City: Kimberly Taylor debuted its first collection before quickly becoming an established industry name, sold by over 200 retailers in 10 countries.

2018: Nine years later, Kimberly Taylor returns with a new business model but the same aesthetic — clean, current, and effortless pieces for the modern man and woman. 


Kimberly Taylor uses a direct-to-consumer model that allows for premium quality and luxury fabrication at an accessible price point. Products are offered in limited-time capsule collections with classic silhouettes meant to be layered, collected, and worn over and over again. All items are made in New York.


The Kimberly Taylor consumer is an explorer and an adventurer, a futurist and a pioneer. New York City is where their journey begins, but the world is their destination. In Kimberly Taylor, movement is everything, elegance is never compromised, and style is always understated.